Communications Technology Broadcasting (Pty) Ltd (CTB) was founded in 1979. In our early days we primarily handled broadcasting antennas in the LF, MF and HF frequency bands, HF communication antennas and single site direction finding equipment.

Today, CTB is recognised worldwide as a reputable communications and  broadcasting organization specializing in fields such as tower and mast supply and installation, antenna, transmitter, feeder cable and combiner installations. Site inspections and commissioning have also become an integral part of our business. Our experience and knowledge in all fields of broadcasting and communication make CTB the perfect candidate for you.
E X P A N D E D  S E R V I C E S

Our expanded services, thirty years down the line, include total turnkey projects: site selection, theoretical propagation studies, actual measured propagation surveys, equipment requirement planning, site layout, coupling calculations, building designs, project management, installation, commissioning, site manuals, reports followed by comprehensive after sale service and maintenance programs.

CTB engages civil teams to keep all surveys, excavation, rebar, shutter work and even concrete pouring in-house resulting in a streamline turnkey service to our clients. Our knowledge and experience of work at height coupled with our extensive antenna and mast knowledge has led us to diversify into the supply of and training in all forms of rigging and safety equipment.
A F T E R   S A L E S   S E R V I C E

At Communications Technology Broadcasting (Pty) Ltd we pride ourselves with creating relationships with our clients and leaving a lasting impression of our involvement long after the initial job is done. Our commitment to excellence extends to our after sales service where we continue to share our knowledge and expertise. Carrying out routine inspections, planning detailed maintenance procedures and advising on a schedule of repairs is part of ensuring the long term success of a Broadcast or Communications facility. Communications Technology Broadcasting (Pty) Ltd supports long standing clients and also invites new clients to contact us in this regard. We can offer support in every field.
W E   O F F E R   I T   A L L

Whether you require broadcast or communications equipment or an installation of a mast or antenna system, CTB can provide you with a complete range of products and services.

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